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The process of hiring a real estate agent, buying or selling a home, hiring contractors, and so much more is just the surface of what goes into the real estate process. This process can be scary, frustrating, and confusing to say the least. What if we told you it doesn’t have to be!


At Home Savvy, we aim to relieve the real estate industry of its biggest problems: deceptive practices and a lack of power for the consumers. Too many times has the wrong agent been hired because they paid the most money to show up first on Google. Too many times, has an offer been rejected because other sites don’t give the most accurate information. Too many times has the closing for your dream home been delayed or gone poorly because mistakes were made.

When our founders were getting their start in the real estate industry they saw it all and then some. We believe that this process should be easy, honest, and stress free. That’s why over the last two years we’ve conducted thousands of hours of research, engineering, and more research. We’ve partnered with industry experts and consumers alike to streamline this process and put the power in the consumer’s hands.

We’re proud to offer a unique format that gives users real data, in real time, from real people, about real estate. Using our unique format, our platform allows users to hire the best agent for the job, view properties, set up showings, inquire about local contractors and industry professionals all with the swipe of their thumb. Why settle for less?

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